Friday, May 25, 2018

Family Movie Night

School's out for the summer!  

I had planned an Oily bonfire for my team, but  at the last minute no one showed.  
That was ok, I cracked out this new (to me) treat.  I love these shandies. 

And because it was just us, terribly hot outside, and  it being an Ozone Action Day, we opted to move the party indoors, and with no shows, we opted for family movie night indoors instead. 

To end the school year, I had purchased them the Greatest Showman soundtrack and movie. 
So after Daddy did haircuts in the backyard, we popped in the new (to them) movie. 
Chris's friend Z was over for some of it too.  They were all so sweet watching this Circus movie, it brought a moment of calm to the Circus within.  Kind of Awesome.  

Even though it wasn't the bonfire with roasted marshmallows we had planned, it was a great start to Summer Break!