Sunday, August 6, 2017

The 45th!

Eric and I got out for a Date Last night.  
We went to Rick's Cafe Boatyard. 
So here's our "Dam photo". ;)
We're next the restaurant by the marina with the Eagle Creek Reservoir, and Dam behind us. 

I swore I hadn't been there in 20 years.   I remember the Tri Delts renting out a room upstairs for an Informal Dance we had there back in 1995, the last one we had.   I remember Eric being my date. Eric thinks it had been less than that, because his phone logged into their wifi.  No. He and I had eaten there in their regular area before kids, I recall.  But I don't even think we were married yet..  But not  It had been a good few decades.  I don't think we'd been there since we got married.  Rick's was the sort of place we went when we had money, when we were dating.   Yeah, way before Kids.  

Eric's parents 45th Wedding Anniversary is this year.  In fact, it was Yesterday!  Can you imagine 45 years together?! That's Beautiful!   Eric and I are celebrating 20 next year.  Mom and Dad have decided to Celebrate, they wanted a Family Vacation.   And Mom wanted Florida.  So they've made arrangements for all of us to meet at the Club Med over Fall Break.  This will be the first time All 16 of Us will be Vacationing in the same place since we all had kids.   I'm pretty excited about it.   But a couple weeks ago, Mom asked if we could come out to an Adults Only Dinner on their actual anniversary.  Um OK!  

We got our friend Denielle to watch the boys, and got cleaned up and met them at Rick's.  Karl and Erica were out of town, but Ryan and Amy made it too.  It had been a Long time since we got to talk that much to them.  It was so nice!  

The Creole Crabcake Filet
My dinner. 
I had been at a Birthday Party for my friend Elizabeth earlier in the day, her 40th Woohoo! While getting ready to cut out so I could go get ready, she asked what we were up to.  When I told her about our spiffy grownup date, she told me about this dish.  She said it was the Best in Town, and when they went, they ordered it Every Time.  I can see why.   Their seafood is So Good!   She described it as topped with a shrimp etoufee, but the only etoufee I'd ever had was from Yats, and I do love me some Glop on a Plate.  So I ordered it.  This was much better than I had envisioned.  Although, truly, everything we tried was Fantastic.  I don't know why we hadn't been to this place more often!  

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 
Their "Dam photo". 
I told them I wanted to come outside after dinner and get a picture of them.   So we walked a bit and got a picture of them with water, boats, and the Dam behind them.  This of course, let to many jokes about the Dam Photo.  

I wanted to get a picture of them with the sunset too.   
But my phone wouldn't let me get a picture of them, it was sillouetting them out.  
But I decided, even though it wasn't what I had intended with my photo, I like it; it was still Beautiful just the same.

It was a Beautiful night! 
A Beautiful sunset. 
And a Beautiful time to Celebrate 45 years of Love and Marriage between these two.  

In 2012 we got together for their 40th, somewhat impromptu, and I got a cake.   The stuff hit the fan some time later, Kaylee got diagnosed with Leukemia shortly thereafter, Mom got cdiff after an Absess.  I found out I was pregnant, but ended up on Bedrest for 5 months after.   It ended up being the best time for our family, for a while.  Even though she'd intended on doing the same thing, going to Club Med in the Fall for their 40th too.  That ended up being not as fun.  Kaylee and her parents didn't make it, and I was puking sick from pregnancy and not able to enjoy all Club Med had to offer.   But This year, THIS YEAR, by gum, we'll be Enjoying!!

Let this be the happy moment that we remember until October, until we really Party it Up!  

Rick's Cafe Boatyard as the sun sets. 
It reminds me of the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego.  
One of these days, we'll get out there too. 

Watching the sun set over Eagle Creek. 
This beautiful sunset made me smile as I thought about all the last 45 years has brought me, my husband, and the fam of my fam.  I wonder what the next years will bring.