Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fat Tuesday

Kathleen and I have a tradition of splurging on Mardi Gras. 
We go out the day before Lent begins so we can remember what we're giving up. 
Usually this consists of Starbucks, or McDonald's, or there was that one year we did both! 

This year, we are giving up Starbucks.  And as it just so happened, we'd earned some Freebies to go our with a bang!   I got a giant raspberry white mocha.  It's my favorite warm beverage.  
Then we commenced to get caught up over the next two hours, while the big kids were off to school. 
Only little Alexis entertained.   Good drinks, and good company.  

As I was departing Starbucks, I called Eric.  
He is moving from the gig where he's been for the last 7 years to another 'temporary' gig here shortly.  So we thought we might celebrate one last hurrah on the west side of town with a lunch date. 

We met up for lunch at The Tamale Place. 
I love this place.  My favorite is the chicken with green sauce.  It's not a spicy verde, even the littles used to eat it, but frankly it's too yummy to share.  Little grandmothers are in the back making tamales, and when they run out they run out.   So we never go for dinner, only lunch.  
On occasion they have 'dessert tamales'.  This time I got a chocolate one that tasted like a brownie! 
It was so good. 
With that, Eric and I are giving up Starbucks for Lent.  I'm kicking my FB perusing down a notch, I'm gonna try to limit it to more business related.  And our whole family will be giving up fast food for Lent.  This should make our Spring Break Road Trip extra adventurous.  
But in the mean time, it means less money spent, and more time together.


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