Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Break DC Vacation, Day 1

Off we go, into the Wild Blue Yonder!  

We got off to a late start last Saturday morning, because we weren't fully packed.  I wanted to be packed Friday night, so we could roll out after Gymnastics.  Only we weren't quite packed yet.  My body gave out the night before.  Remind me not to go downtown to a parade, and not nap, on a night I want to pack. Then when we woke up, Jacob had a low grade fever.  His cheeks were howdy doody red.  I wasn't sure if it was windburn at first, like I had, but his whole body was hot. And Sam was coughing like a maniac.  So we didn't hit the road until 11.  Then we had to stop at the drug store for cough stuff.  Turns out it's rather hard to find cough stuff for kids, like dextromathorphan that doesn't contain Red 40.  I found an orange flavored powder for Sam that didn't have red, but he said it tasted nasty.  I just couldn't stand the coughing, and we hadn't even left town yet.  
Then we needed to run back home for an extra diffuser (so glad we did this, we ended up really needing two!) and hitting AAA on the way out of town.  

So we finally got on the road about 12:30.  
The kids were asking for snacks and lunch before we were even outside of the loop. 
So I gave them the first round of bars, and we got out of town. 

We stopped for lunch in Greenfield.  The kids wanted cheeseburgers.  
I had wanted one of these Chocolate Covered Strawberry since Valentine's Day, but kids behavior hadn't really warranted it.   Now things are improving.  Shakes were needed.  

After lunch, the kids were great, they let us make it into Ohio before we needed to stop again. 

We made it out of Ohio, and through West Virginia.  
At the foothills of Pennsylvania, we found ice dripping from the rocks on the side of the road. 
It was a little cooler there in the last week, than in Indy.  

We ended up stopping for the night in Washington, PA.  
We found a wonderful hotel in the Springhill Suites by Mariott.  It had 2 fulls and a pullout couch.  
Chris and Sam shared, Daddy and Jake did.  And I had a bed to myself!  Fantastic. 
And they had a nice heated pool!  We really liked this place, and the price was completely reasonable.  We grabbed Panera for supper, and came back to the room just in time to watch the Butler Basketball Game.  Go Dawgs!

The kids, especially Jacob, were having fun with the couch cushions that we piled in front of the tv for their floor picnic.   

Sam put himself to bed before the game was done.  
Jake's fever was gone by noon, and he was feeling much better. 
So we watched the game. 
Butler Won! 
We're headed to the Sweet 16 next weekend, which was Friday night. 
And I took Chris and Jake down to the pool for an evening swim before bed. 
Perfect for the first day!