Monday, June 27, 2016

Vacation, Day 3 Michigan, In the Rain

Wednesday morning, it rained. 
It rained all morning.  That made for a very Lazy day for us.  

We finished up the puzzle Mom had started before we arrived, and she immediately went and grabbed another.  This one was 1000 pieces of candied lip balms.    Lip balms in all kinds of funky flavors, like pickle.  The whole thing made us all laugh.  The girls were really all about the puzzles. 

In other news, we found Disney channel on the tv.  It's the one channel I miss from giving up cable.
Lisa had wanted it to be a screen free vacation, but reality set it, when it started raining. 

Meanwhile, the rain allowed us to make progress on our puzzle.  Priorities, yo. 

I love this - all the bigger kids curled up with new books.  
Aunt Lisa had gone on a shopping spree before we came, for new books and activity books for the big kids.  They Loved them.  I love her for getting them for the yahoos. 

Then we decided, bugger the rain.  Let them go play in it.  

The littles were the only ones to take us up on it.  

The kids decided to go play at the playground across the 'street' in the rain.  

My photo of the day theme was The Floor, so I captured the carnage from the return of the boys.  
These are Sam and Jacob's crocs, COVERED in sand.  

Another perk for being stuck at 'home' all day, was we got a good nap.  In my opinion, there's Nothing like a good nap on a rainy day.  

Then the kids went right back to the Disney channel.  
At least they were quiet, and all getting along with each other this way.  

When it came time to consider dinner, we debated going into town.  I wanted to go in to Petoskey to Stafford's, this nice place I'd passed on the way in, attached to a hotel, with a gorgeous wraparound porch, and white rocking chairs, the whole nine yards.  Mom said, No.  Staffords is in Harbor Springs, it's the restaurant on the pier.  I did recall eating at a place on a pier with Uncle Bob and Aunt Debbie, I remember going there in a dress with no bra, because I had just suffered the worst sunburn, and was embarrased the whole time, though with my tiny sweater they all assured me I look fine. (It's going to be so nice not to worry about that.)  They all remembered that conversation, but they couldn't remember the name of the restaurant. We sat there arguing, No No No, it's in Petoskey.  No No No, it's in Harbor Springs. Etc.  So I googled.  
As it turns out Stafford's have bought up a number of restaurants, and there's one in Both Petoskey AND in Harbor Springs.  AND as it turns out in Charlevoix, where Mom and I ate last summer.  So Ma wanted to go to the one with the pier.  So we did!  

As it turns out, it's right on the marina, and had recently been renovated.  
This was the inside from our very large round tabled booth, where all 8 of us could fit easily.  
I felt like we were on a ship.  Very cool.  
And the food was Fabulous.  I got a whitefish dish that was pretty much the same thing I'd had last summer.  Amazing then, and just as amazing here.  I should've taken more pictures of food.  Oy.

As we left, it had grown chilly and rainy, but we wanted to take a family photo.  
Somewhere around here I have a picture of us with some sort of statue, a giant pirate, or fish statue, something like that with Uncle Bob and Aunt Debbie.  God, I missed them.  I miss them all the time anyway, but especially while we were Up North. 

And just in case you were wondering, Yes, my sister is a Goofball.