Thursday, February 4, 2016

I used to speak in complete sentences

We had Book Club meeting tonight.   In the book we were reading, Where Things Come Back, which I didn't quite finish,  because I got confused early on, and just didn't have the mindpower.  The gals assure me it's worth finishing.  In it, the main character jots down a list of possible book titles.  When a question was asked what book title we would use, I immediately called out my favorite quote from Ghostbusters, "Dogs and Cats sleeping together, Mass Hysteria" - story of my life.  Only, we have no more cats. :(
So then we got to talking about life as moms, and how we'd probably never be able to even write a book nowadays, because our brains are fried, or rather our frains are bried.   Someone once told me, that when you have your first child, you lose half your mind.  With the second, the other half.  So really, any more than 2 kids, you're screwed.
I used to speak in complete sentences.
That became my book title.  I used to have thoughts, be able to blog, be able to tell a full story.  Now I'm lucky if the story makes it into a Facebook status.   But with little steps comes little progress, so here I am, blogging for the first time in a while, and thinking, I made it to Book Club, got to spend some quality time with friends, and turned around and ran for 22 minutes with my bestie.  Go me! Go Kathleen! We rock!
Tonight, that's enough.


Elizabeth said...

Hi! Happy to see you here, friend!