Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sweet flowers from my Sweets

This was what greeted me on Valentine's day morning.  

Everyone received a giant chocolate covered marshmallow heart from me.   And some thought it was appropriate to start that before breakfast.  

My poor Sam, he hadn't eaten the night before, and when he doesn't eat, his stomach gets Angry in the morning.  On Vday, it took him a while to perk up. He started out the day pretty pitiful.  He missed church, but with some Digize, peppermint, and juice, and rest, like not going to church, by lunchtime he was back to crazy.  I confess, I totally kept him home from church, anticipating he just needed some Brat diet food, juice and bread, in order for him to rest up and feel better by going to church later. The church was having a Kids Only Valentine's Day Party - and I wanted them all to be able to go.   

Eric got me an orchid.  It's a Blue Mystic orchid.  

I hope I don't kill it.  

This was my bouquet that my boyz picked out for me.  Eric said it was called "crazy daisies", perfectly appropriate for me. 

I know they aren't a color that occurs in nature, in fact, the water turned purple when I put them in, but they sure are beautiful.  

There's something very happy about these flowers.  
They make me smile. 

I'm not the only one smiling for Valentine's Day.  The boys got to go to a special Valentine's Day party at the Church.  They had a great time, got pizza, watched movies, and decorated their own cookies.  They came home sugared up.  In the mean time, we made dinner at home.   We even ate in the dining room alone and everything. We found some frozen bacon wrapped scallops at Costco, along with some heart shaped ravioli.  Eric sauteed them up and covered them in a tomato creme sauce, then steamed up some asparagus with parmasan cheese.  Oh yeah!   Then we bought Ant Man digitally, because nothing says True Love like snuggling up for a superhero movie. 

I did talk my sweetboys into posing sweetly for some cheesy Valentine's photos for me.  

I love them, they love me, and we love you, our dearest friends and family.  


Elizabeth said...

looks like a great day!