Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Epic Vacation, Day 5 - Transfer

I can't begin to tell of the Awesomeness that all we had on the schedule for Wednesday was move from Legoland to Walt Disney World.  We also had scheduled dinner.   So simple, and yet so much Awesomeness!   It was hard to leave, and yet at the same time, I was so Excited! 

But we had to get out our our room by 11.  So we packed up, and checked out.  
Once again, the boys had to stop in the Lego pit to play.  

Chris checked out the Lego Club room, an exclusive room to play and watch Lego cartoons for only Lego Club members.... which we happen to be. ;) 
He was the only one in there. 

 Then we hit the bathroom, (even the bathroom is festively bedecked!) so that we could change into our swimsuits.   The mirror even spoke to me!

I love the Legoland Hotel pool! 
It had adorable little floating lego things, that you could put together to build other things.  

The boys kept trying to build boats and floatation devices.  They even got me going at it at one point. 

Turns out, when it's slow (which it was, because most folks were in the Park) there are staff members who will come around and get you some grub.  So we had lunch poolside.  The kids got cheeseburgers, I got some BBQ pork sliders and a scrumptious smoothie!

There's something especially awesome about eating lunch poolside. 

But before we knew it, it was time to go.   
Farewell Legoland Hotel.  (Our room was up on the 4th floor where the wall is bland colored.)

Hisbiscus blooming on the path out.  

And they had a character meet and greet in the lobby.  
I didn't know either, but apparently it's Johnny Thunder from the Adventure themed stuff.  
Like Indiana Jones, gotcha. 

The first of the hidden mickeys!  Mickey - the utility pole! 

Welcome Home! 

Yeah Baby!  
We're staying in a Magic Kingdom Resort so we didn't have to pay 20$ in parking either. 

Welcome to the Grand Floridian Boys!  

Pointing out Hidden Mickeys on the Golf Cart.  

Here's a video snippet of our Grand Floridian room.  It was So Nice.  

Mommy loved the Mickey towels from Mousekeeping.  

After a little rest, we packed up and headed to Downtown Disney, err... Disney Springs, for dinner.  
They're in the process of changing the name.  I liked the plaque. 

Dinner at Splitsville.  Where one can have sushi, pizza, and cheeseburgers, all at the same time! 
And while you bowl!  
Since it was obscenely expensive to bowl, 20$ per person for an hour 15 min, enough for a game, we opted not to let Jake bowl.  He begged to differ, so I let him toss a ball down the ramp on my turn.  Turns out he bowls as well as I do. ;) 

Mmm... sushi. 

OK, this was Awesome.  
I loved Mickey - the bowling ball. 
I did not like the loud atmosphere, or the fact that 1 sushi roll counted as an entree, because they were not big enough to do so, nor did I like the prices of bowling.  After we'd done this, I found a coupon in my welcome papers... doh. 

But no trip for my boys is made to Downtown Disney without stopping the Lego Store. 
Nevermind we'd just STAYED at Legoland.  But they wanted some Mixel souvenirs, so we let them, and then we headed home.  How much I love that they say Welcome Home everytime we walk into the Grand Floridian Lobby. Sigh.  Yes, I was Home.