Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Epic Vacation, Day 14, Into AL

I like the state of Alabama.  They have trees, it doesn't seem to get to humid, and the folks are really nice.   We woke up on Friday, in Valdosta, Georgia.  The boys learned the word "Suites".  They really like sleeping in their own space, and not sharing with Daddy.  So we had crashed at the Comfort Inn AND SUITES in Valdosta.  And it was nice, Chris and Sam had  a half wall and fold out couch to share.  They liked it.  And they've decided that staying in hotels with suites is pretty sweet.  Ha Ha! 

It was a nice morning to be goofy.  We'd had a long day the day before, and we slept in!  
Rather refreshing to do so.   

All we had to do on this day was get to Alabama.  
Initially we weren't sure, if we were going to go for it, but we decided to turn left in Atlanta, and head into Alabama.  We wanted to go to Hunstville, to the Space Center there.  We thought the kids might get a kick out of one last fun stop before heading home.   

Turns out we like Alabama.   
They have pretty flowers blooming along the roadside.  
And lots and lots of pine trees.  Pine forests are Eric's happy place.  
Sometime I'd like to just go down there and Stay.  

We also discovered Whataburger!  
We thought it was a Texas thing.  But apparently, they have Whataburger in Alabama too!  
That was a great stop for supper.  Olaf approves too! 

Jacob likes a good shake, and this root beer milkshake made him very happy!  
It was like a root beer float.  This kid loves his carbs!  And when he sees a milkshake, he doesn't want to share with me any more.  He had been content to take turns.  But he got to the point now, he doesn't want to share anymore.  He just says "My!"  Even when it's not.

It's a bit hard to see in the distance, but there are rockets hidden in the trees, as we exit the highway to go to our hotel for the night.  The kids didn't see much we went by so fast.  We knew they'd have a great time the next day!  We got settled before dark, that left the boys enough time for an evening swim and some trashy Disney channel tv with shows like Jessie and Dog with a Blog, which I can't stand, but it's what they like.  I'm just happy they're happy.  Just the way we like it.