Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Epic Vacation, Day 3

Well, we're back, and I've offloaded all the photos from the camera.  Now it's time to blog all about our Awesome trip to Florida!  There and Back Again, a Freaking Awesome Tale!   We woke up in Murfreesborough, TN outside of Nashville.

Eric had gotten up first thing, and after making coffee, because he's awesome like that, he headed out to the Walmart that just happened to be around the corner for a new DVD player.  We weren't sure if we were going to make the 9 1/2 hour journey to Lakeland, FL (just 20 min from Legoland).  Jacob had a rough go once we hit Florida.  He screamed pretty much constantly for the last 3 hours of the trip down.  Ugh.   He did not like being in the car anymore.

We thought we were off to such a great start, Eric got a DVD player, a tabletop kind, that actually worked with the video output, and the screens, and we were having a fine time, with all three kids watching their screens.   Then Jacob kicked his off it's bracket.  So we gave it to him for him to hold.  
That worked for a while.  He was mighty cute with it.  Then he got tired and threw it.  Then Sam broke his.  So we ended the evening putting Jacob's on top of a centrally located food box, so that both Jacob and Sam could see it.  My next car with have Video!  

Jacob thought this Choo Choo was nifty.  
Daddy and I got a big kick out of it too.  It was the Chattanooga Choo Choo!  

As it turned out, Eric's parents were driving back north with Aunt Teri at the same time we were headed south.  So they staked out a place for us to meet for lunch, a McDonald's with a Playplace in Marietta, Georgia.  Perfect!  The big kids got a place to play a bit.  And they ate.  And I got to stretch my legs out and just chill.  It was nice to see them.  It had been over a month! 

Oh yeah, you know you are down South when the Spanish Moss appears on the trees. 

During our dinner break stop, we drove thru Wendy's, because we'd just gotten gas and peed.  Sam declared he needed to poo.  So Jake and I just parked, and I got busy eating my dinner.   I let Jacob out so he could share, and I let him explore a bit.  He got the biggest kick out of me letting him drive a bit.  I tell you, we let him drive in Holiday World, now he thinks he's Mario Andretti!  Trouble.
 Right here.

A lovely sunset in Florida.  And clouds, because we got hit by rain as we entered Florida.    Finally, after 3 1/2 hours of Screaming, we made it to the Sleep Inn in Lakeland, FL.  Um, this place rocked.  Apparently, they had just revamped a couple of the rooms, and this one was had yet to have guests.  So we were the first people to stay in this one.  And it was huge.  So spacious.  So much bigger than the one we were staying in earlier that day.  Huge.  

And the kids thought it was the Bees Knees.  They have no idea.  Wait until they see what's coming!