Sunday, January 13, 2013


How can you take this seriously?  I couldn't.   

Christopher started his Karate Class on the 2nd of January.  He was so Ready, he was beside himself!  He would not stop "practicing his moves".  The only still I could get him to hold was this position.  Namaste.  I don't even think it's real Karate, but I let him think it is.  Although at this point, he knows more than I do! 

Eric takes him to Karate class, and the first week of Intro classes were so Cool.  Chris was the only student in attendence, so he got 1 on 1 special treatment with the Sensei.  

They came home that first night, practicing their kicks and doing all kinds of Awesome stuff.  

I'm so glad we did this.  Chris has a great time, and I can just tell he's getting strong.  He LISTENS to his Sensei.  He may not listen to us, but he does to his teacher.  

That first night, Eric came home and they showed me what they'd learned as I laid on the Couch.  
I am Hugely Impressed.  

But that was NOTHING compared to This Week.  

Christopher came home with his very own White Belt.  

Eric showed me the video that he got of Christopher receiving this, his first Karate Belt this past week.  

I'm so Proud of him! 
Christopher's dojo takes many years to earn all the belts leading up to Black Belt.  And in between, he can earn stripes on his belts.  But I was hugely impressed that he got his White Belt after only a week.  Chris may have found his new sport.