Monday, November 7, 2011

Purple State of Mind

So, Live and Love out Loud is having a Purple contest. I popped over to the old neighborhood to see if I could find anything. I lucked out. Pretty Purple Cabbage!

I will say this. I love my old neighborhood.

Whoever gets this house will be lucky to live there. I had nice neighbors. No one ever shot bebes at our house, or report us to the town or county. I can't say that for the new house. We have nice neighbors here, but we also have some Not Nice ones. But I loved this old house. I loved living here. A friend of mine told me it would be our Bethlehem, because it was the house where I brought my babies Home. So many memories, such abundant blessings. And she's right. I dream about there. And even the thought of this house selling and being gone from our lives forever makes me so sad.

I'm in a state of confusion; Happy, Sad, Stressed, Crazy, yeah that's about it. We've had a nibble on the old house. OK, more than a nibble. But I hesitate to shout too loudly. Shhh.. An offer has been accepted.

I drove by there this weekend, just to take a look around, and left in tears. After the potential buyers agreed to a price last week, they insisted upon an Inspection. And that was fine, that didn't make me cry, just the finality. And the Reality.
The Inspector was super nit-picky, and gave us a long list of 'problems'. Eric thinned the herd a bit, narrowing it down to three groups, 1. ones we could afford to fix, 2. we could do, but it would take a nice chunk of time and money, and 3. potential to be quite expensive...the potential deal breakers, if you will. They countered with the request that we do all group one and one item from group 3, the biggie was a request to get a HVAC Certified Technician out to look at the furnace because the inspector thought our gas flame was not the proper height. We were worried that something might be wrong. First, some Good News: The flame height and gas pressure are within "normal operating limits". Then the Bad News: The Heat Exchanger was cracked. More Good News: The Heat Exchanger is still under its 19-year parts warranty. WOOHOO! But the Bad News: The labor cost of replacement is nearly $800.
Good News: They completed the work this afternoon.
Ugh. There's a big part of us all stressed out because we don't know if we can afford to sell the house, but we can't afford to hang on to it any more. This double mortgages business is for the birds. Eric tells me it's time. And sure it is. We're Blessed to be living in our Dream House. How few people of our age get the privilege of building and living in their dream home. We are so Lucky. On the other hand, this old house kept me pretty safe for 13 years. And we were happy. And God gave us not just one, but two miracle babies. And this house kept us all safe. And we were happy.
I pray that the people that build this house are happy there too. I pray that they are as Blessed by this home as we have been. There are many wonderful things about this place, like this.

Spontaneous Snapdragons!

I planted snapdragons a couple summers back, and in the fall, they just pop up. I was thrilled to find this fuschia one blooming. So pretty. Almost purple. But beautiful. I hope they find wonderful suprises like Spontaneous Snapdragons.


Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Aw, I know how hard it is to leave your home. :( But those purple cabbages? Gorgeous!
Thanks for joining us in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge. I hope you'll be back again on Friday when we move on to our new theme, brown. Have a great day! :)

Courtney said...

Beautiful photos of purple! Just wanted to also say that I understand where you're coming from with your feelings about your 1st home. :)