Friday, April 3, 2009

I Don't Necessarily Recommend this Diet

I forgot to mention, as of my OB appt earlier this week I had lost 20 pounds of the 40 that I gained with this pregnancy. Woo hoo! I think woo hoo. That's good right? Anyway, I'm bound and determined to not wear anymore of my maternity clothes. Some of you may know between summers of 2007 and 2008 I lost 50 pounds, so many of my "fat clothes" still fit when I was 9 months pregnant (mostly XXL shirts) but pants were and still are my problem. Anyway, I've been having fun this week wearing NON-PREGNANCY clothes. A lot of my clothes are boxed up and we'll have to break out the various stages to find me things to wear, and that is ever so complicated.

But I wouldn't recommend this diet if you want to lose weight.

Since I'm feeling like ass I'm not inclined to eat. I've lost another 3 pounds since Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon I started to get a sore throat, it got worse and worse until yesterday afternoon, my throat felt so fat I couldn't talk, or swallow, let alone sleep (and this is just too crucial a time for me to sleep for me to not be able to sleep more than 20 minutes when the baby is sleeping for 3 hours!). Now earlier this week, I had trouble yelling at Chris (for discipline, not just in general) because apparently one uses ones abdominal muscles for yelling, and mine were out of commission. However, by Wednesday I was feeling decent enough to yell if I had to. Yesterday evening, Daddy left us alone and I made the mistake of yelling at Chris, and I tell you the pain in my throat outweighed the scar pain. I've been trying all kinds of remedies: Chloroseptic spritzer and cough drops, but the relief is only temporary. I called my doctor (even though I'd been in Wednesday for OB, and Thursday for Sam, none of those times did I THINK to mention my throat hurt, I was more concerned about the baby) and asked to be squeezed in. Beautifully, they didn't have room in their schedule, and so they called me in a Z-pack. How lovely is that? Not that I'm drug seeking or anything, though these last two posts seem to hinge on drugs, so maybe I am...a little. But I think I may just deserve a little drug induced pain relief. I just had my gut slashed open after all, and now my tonsils and glands are the size of walnuts. Fun times.
I also was talking to my Mom and she mentioned that I should drink tea, which I have by the potful, and have citrus fruits: lemons, oranges...etc. I laughed and said, the only fruit we have are grapes and strawberries (and really that's pretty good for us, live fresh fruit tends to die around us and that's not even considering that we were in hospital for 4 days). She told me to eat the strawberries (she brought lemons over today!) because they have Vitamin C or something like that. So I choked down a couple strawberries as soon as I got off the phone, but Dude it hurts to eat. She also suggested that I gargle with salt water. (Salt water?! Ewww.) Really Gargle...she said. I'm like ok fine. I'm desperate, I'll try anything if it gets me to swallow, I'm so sore that when I got up in the middle of the night the night before last, Eric offered me my regular cup of water (which I usually down when I'm nursing in like 2 seconds) and I was like No Way, not worth the pain of swallowing for some little bit of thirst quench. So I gargled with the salt water. Dude. Tasted like ASS, but I'm not kidding, I put the cup down, spit out the gargled water into the sink, and literally stood up and told Eric, man that tasted like ass, and my voice was clear, and my tongue wasn't as thick. Instantly! I'm telling you, by gum, it worked! Tastes like butt, but Extremely Effective! I've been alternating between the great functionality and the gag reflex induced by it as I gargle hourly all day. Man I hope these antibiotics work soon!

Poor Eric. He strives to still have a life amidst all this insanity. He went to a meeting last night and came home to find me in mad tears, and then he went to the doctor this morning, and though the boys had only been up for a half an hour, they both required the same sort of care-feeding and changing, and I could really only deal with one of them. Poor boys, I'm yelling at Chris to drink his cocoa, he's playing with things he shouldn't, gets a time out and I have to jiggle the nursing Sam across the house to get him into timeout, needless to say the seal was broken, and both boys end up crying. Bad morning.
Poor Chris has been going nutsy being inside with us all week, so we called Grandma and Aunt Teri to kidnap him for a play date for today, and that was great, gave us a chance to eat 11 a.m. Eric found this great recipe online for potato pancakes using leftover mashed potatoes. He made me these latkes for breakfast this morning, ok for Elevensies. But seriously, I so didn't feel like eating until my Darvies and the salt water kicked in, which was about that time anyway. Anyway, one perk of him being home all week is that he gets to make breakfast. He made french toast with our panera leftovers earlier this week, and today made leftover mashed potato latkes. He served it up with fresh strawberries and whipped cream (shmizz) to make it pretty. I tell you better than a restaurant...just to get me to eat. Good boy.

I decided that I cannot be trusted alone with both boys yet. Tomorrow morning Eric's got a run, and blessedly, he was able to talk his Mom into watching Chris so he could run. Well, since the run requires him to be downtown at some ungodly hour Mom is actually going to take him all night long tonight. Gotta tell you, that is super awesome. I'm hoping that my z-pack will work wonders and that by Monday the sore throat ramifications will be done, otherwise I don't know how I'll cope when Chris gets home from school. But I've had many offers of "Call me if you need anything" We'll see, come monday about 12:30, I might.


SuperSillyAunt said...

You can also try liquid antacid like Maalox for a sore throat. It was Dr. recommended for Ryan a couple of winters ago. And around 2 weeks after Kaylee was born I had lost 24 pounds...running around after a three year old along with nursing really helps take that weight off quickly...Good job! It's nice to feel 'human' again isn't it?

Kathleen said...

I know all about the saltwater gargle - my mom used to make me do it when I was growing up. Like you said, gross at first, but it really works!

Oh, and we're free on Monday if you need us to come over. Also, we have a MOPS steering meeting on Tuesday at 9:30 AM - we'd love to come over after that if it works for you!