Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hopping down the Bunny Trail

I had been doing so well at taking it easy. Really I did. I didn't feel like doing much at all the first week, but then last week I began to feel a bit better, and once I got drug-free I thought I'd behave myself and not overdo it. Yeah, I did.

Wednesday, I drove the car from the fix-it place home. Then Thursday, we traipsed all over Riley. OK, perhaps All Over Riley is a slight exaggeration, we just went to one office, and that was all, thank goodness, I don't think I would've had it in me to go from one end to the other like we've been doing. Chris weighed low, down a pound in the month since we've been, but that didn't make him much lighter to tote around in the stroller, or better behaved. He had a good couple timeouts during the 2 1/2 hours we were there. To continue my effort to behave myself, I did NOT go to Maundy Thursday, but sent Eric with Chris to church. I think Chris was very partial to Holy Week, he LOVED going to church every night last week (there were rehearsals for this and that, well, except for Monday) and he bugged me yesterday to go again.

Friday, though I started getting antsy to get out. I really would love to go out and play, do a little shopping or something fun like that, but I really Know THAT would be overdoing it. I settled for skipping MOPS, but our friends Kathleen and Emily popped by afterwards for a visit. Chris was so thrilled to have Emily here when he got off the schoolbus. (First thing he looked for yesterday getting off the bus was Emily) They played until Mommy was ready to drop, even cuddling in bed together at one point.

We opted attending to the Good Friday service at church later that evening. Sam of course, was a big hit. The end of the service is supposed to be Silence, but no one remained silent as Samuel held court, the choir wanted to see him, and lots of folks wanted to oooh and ahh over him. And that was just a small crowd. Once the service was done, I was sore and cold. My incision was burning, and it was the perfect time to go home and go to bed. So we did.

Saturday, I didn't think I had it in me to go to Willman Family Easter, so Sam and I hung out at home, while Daddy and Chris got to play with the Fam. I wish I'd gone. But I was worried that I wouldn't have it in me to do what I wanted on Sunday if I played on Saturday. We settled for playing a bit on Saturday night, we dyed Easter eggs. We being Chris and I. That's one of my favorite parts about Easter, and it's all the moreso exciting now that Chris is really beginning to understand it. OK, he understands Easter Bunny, and coloring Eggs, I didn't bother with the "True Meaning" of Easter. I did tell him that we were celebrating Jesus, but that was enough. Too much thought required to get a 3 year old to understand Death and Resurrection. Maybe next year.

Well, Sunday morning, we riled up Chris, waking him at 7-something. There was just enough time for him to open all the eggs in his Easter basket, and hunt for about half of the eggs the Bunny left around the house. Luckily, Sam was up at 6:30, so we could all get up and ready to be at church for the 8 o'clock service. It had been months and months since we'd made that service. I tried to be a Good Lutheran, rising and sitting at all the appropriate times, but by Offering I was Feeling the Burn. My incision was flaming. By the end of the service, I couldn't get up, I just had to sit there. They were having a Brunch, and Eric managed both boys while I waddled through the line for it, then Sam and I went home. We sacked out on the bed together. I've been having terrible luck getting Samuel to sleep in the Pack and Play during the day, so he lies down on the bed next to me, which is a great arrangement, I get to feel him and smell him, and listen to his sweet noises, and then if he calls out, I'm RIGHT THERE. I don't sleep heavily that way, can't roll over, but better light sleep than no sleep at all. We took a nap while Chris stayed in the nursery and Daddy sang with the choir and directed the bell choir for the second service. They sounded really great when I got to hear at the first service. Then we went to lunch at Uncle Ryan and Aunt Amy's house with Eric's branch of family. I was getting sore, but able to hold up and just sit there. Sam slept through most of the visit, which I think bummed out his grandparents. Too bad too, because when we went home for Chris's nap, Sam didn't want to nap at all. Chris woke up and we hightailed it down to my Dad's for Bagg Family Easter. My step-grandma was in town visiting, so Sam got to visit with 3 great-grandmother's and his grandparents. 2 of those Great-grandma's hadn't gotten to meet him yet. But he slept through most of that visit too. There must be something magical to him, whenever we put him in the bucket seat to go somewhere, he conks right out and will sleep for at least an hour afterwards. It's a nice habit he's developed! One I hope will last.
However, by the end of Sunday, Mommy's belly was burning fierce, bringing tears to my eyes by the time I got into the car to go home. I took Ibuprofen before headed down to my Dad's but it didn't do much, so I had to break out the big guns when we got home. That pretty much did me in enough to take 2 naps yesterday and not even hop online.

Yesterday morning, and again this morning, Chris woke up and asked for MORE EASTER.
I don't think so babe, Mommy was exhausted enough. Good thing Easter only comes once a year.


Andrea said...

Haha, Hannah asked for more Easter as well.

Hope this week is a little less eventful so you can relax and heal!

Krysten said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling much better! Hope you keep healing well!

Sadie, obviously, didn't know what she was missing with Easter this year, but I'm certain she'll be excited next year!