Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

My 13 Favorite Christmas Carols

Songs or albums that get me feeling festive. I've been feeling a bit rushed and tense these last couple weeks, and I find I need to do some remembering of what makes Christmas fabulous.

1. Do you hear what I hear? -Third Day (Best Arrangement I've ever heard of this song, normally it ranks right up there with Little Drummer Boy in terms of suckiness, but not this one)

2. Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth -Bing Crosby and David Bowie (this doesn't stink either, and the little bits where they talk to each other just proves how Awesome Bing really was!)

3. Silent Night (When our church does this on Christmas Eve by candlelight, it is Awesome. This year, we're hoping that Eric can pull together a small bell choir ensemble to accompany, the bells arrived early, it would take a miracle, but hey, that's what God does best!)

4. O Holy Night (solo is the only way for this one, unless I'm accompanying in the car ;))

5. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, ah heck, the whole Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky (There's just something great about the Nutcracker at Christmas Time)

6. John Denver and Muppets Christmas Album (Flipping Awesome Album! I could never pick just one song!)

7. Feliz Navidad -Jose Feliciano (You can't be sad or stressed about Christmast time listening to this one)

8. White Christmas -Bing Crosby (Something is just right about the world when Bing sings it.)

9. White Christmas -Drifters (A completely different feel when they do it, not just for Home Alone, but just because it's fun!)

10. O Come O Come Emmanuel (This hymn was one of the most effective lullabies for Chris in the NICU, and remained his lullabye, still is. We sang to him a lot in the NICU, home of his 1st Christmas, and on Christmas, another mother came up and thanked us for singing, providing a little Christmas joy, her thanks made me cry.)

11. Carol of the Bells (When it's well done, not like fake bells, but with bells and voices, and all that, oh yeah!)

12. What child is this?

13. Disney's Merry Christmas Carols-sung by Mickey and the gang, and joined by Molly Ringwald and Larry Groce. (We used to listen to this record every year, even when my parents were [AH!] Married. Ma still has it, but we're never there to hear it. I wish I had it on CD, it's just not the same not listenting to it all the time during the holidays, but we have no record player.)