Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jesus is the reason

I read this somewhere: "Jesus didn't come to earth to bring us a nostalgic, family oriented, commercially successful holiday."  And it really got me thinking.

That just came along as a bonus.  I love this time of year, and this year, in spite of all the difficulties, we feel so Blessed to be sharing in this "nostalgic, family oriented, commercially successful holiday" with our loved ones. No, Jesus didn't come to suck us in to a commercial business, but to bring us love, light, and joy.

A Top Ten of our Family Holiday Favorites so far this holiday season.  

1.  Christopher buries himself in all of his Christmas Stuffies.   What does Santa Pooh say, "Ho Ho..Honey!"

2. Slightly Belated Birthday Celebrations for Oma and Eric.

3. Chris and his cousin Annie dress like Reindeer. 

4. Christopher plays in the snow and he won't go anywhere without his Santa hat. 

5.  Some sweetboys are just perfectly suited for winter.  

6.  A Big Boy helps put ornaments on the Christmas tree. 

7.  The Biggest Little Boy gets to put the Angel on top of the tree. 

 8.   The whole class celebrates that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

9.  The most Prayerful of the little sheep. 

 10.  And lastly, our little Miracle turns 3 today.   Happy Birthday Christopher!

Christopher means Light of Christ, and this one sure brings a bright light to all of our holidays.