Monday, December 1, 2008


Once again I am very proud of my boys. Eric spent a lot of the weekend on the back bedroom. We cleared out and moved lots of stuff, all that's left is the dresser and nightstand, and a couple small odds and ends. Woo hoo! I helped do some taping, but as I couldn't do lifting, kept pooping out and gagging on fumage, I didn't do any painting. So, by himself, Eric did both coats on the ceilings, and 1 coat on the trim, and the doors, and the closet. Now, we've got evening plans for the next three days, so we moved the nightstand back in, and I'll help Push the dresser later. So productive.

Chris was productive too, he kept running around wearing our back up pair of safety glasses. He's begun helping me with the laundry, even understanding that we check the dryer, and say Bye Bye Fuzzies! The best was once the back bedroom was empty Chris would run into the empty room, and yell out, Hello! Daddy Where Are You? Once he discovered the echo, he was calling out for Tiffer? Tiffer, Where Are You? He even once called the mysterious voice, close.

**AND Eric managed to get the Christmas lights up too!**