Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I have such trouble picking 13 things from one category, so I'm just going to do 13 things I want to get off my chest, yes I know, such as it is.

1. I've been having bad dreams lately. The last two nights, I've woken up a mess, remembering clear as day, and its taken me over an hour to get back to sleep. This is fairly unusual. Tuesday night, I dreamt that Chris and I were touristing in Malibu, CA and a new giant waterslide, shaped like a giant number 2. We went to the top, but they wanted me to send Chris down on his belly, head first. I disagreed, and wanted to hold him, but I couldn't find anywhere to put my cameras. I ended up putting Chris down to stuff them in a locker, and when I looked he was gone. I could hear him giggling, and it was coming through the PVC vent piping on the walls and ceiling, he was crawling through, giggling through twists and turns and the time I found a lifeguard willing to help, I couldn't hear him anymore. I was frantically calling, when I woke up and just listened to him snore for an hour.
2. I had another bad dream this morning where I was being chased in a swanky building of shops in Carmel by a scary man with dreadlocks, and I couldn't find my keys, and no one would help me, except Susanne Plachette. She said she'd help me, and I woke up.
3. Finally got a hold of a GI specialist, and took the first available appointment... September 24th! Eric says we'll either know what's going on by then, or we'll all be in the hospital with mental breakdowns, and they'll find out there then too, a plus perhaps?
4. Still haven't heard back about the antibody test for Celiac, I hate having to Stalk Riley.
5. I want a breast reduction. I've lost 40+ pounds, and instead of busting out of my bra, I just fit. No reduction, everyone else I know loses weight and loses cup size. So rude.
6. I want another baby. Bad.
7. I want to nurse said baby, it would be darn near impossible to nurse if we have #5 done.
8. A friend's daughter applied to adopt from Ethiopia, just got word she's getting triplets! Triplets! So, she's started pumping, and talking her sister (who is already nursing) into pumping extra for the babies too! I am so jealous, I can't stand it, maybe not triplets, but one or two would be great, awesome, fabulous even.
10. Chris lost 3 ounces in the last month. The good news is, he gained 1/2 inch in height. But still height with weight loss is still weight loss.
11. Chris puked yesterday, only 3 days after starting Zantac for reflux, and then this morning the medicine port of his g-tube popped open as I was getting him out of the stroller to put him in the car, and poured a couple ounces of watery mess all over my feet and the parking lot. Could've been worse I suppose, I could've been wearing nicer shoes, or could've still been in the doctor's office.
12. The G-tube and pump was supposed to "fix the baby". My baby is not fixed. In fact I'm still pretty sure there's more going on, and the only way to find that out is to play torture the baby with medical testing. I hate that.
13. I hate that none of the above is within my control.


Jenibug7 said...

I am learning more and more about GI stuff everyday as I undergo these tests, etc. Ask your doctor to listen closely to his belly and tell you if he might have an abdominal "bruit" (pronounced brewy)sound. There is a condition where a blood vessel can wrap over a piece of intestine and compress it, causing the syptoms he has. It is rare and complex, but fixable.

Kathy said...

re: #6, I know how you feel! Also know that I continue to think of little Christopher and pray for his good health!

Tamsin said...

Cathy - you may think everything is beyond your control, but with Suzanne Pleshette on your side, how bad can it be???
Make sure you get on a wait list for the GI specialist. Tell them you can be ready to go with an hour's notice if need be, and with any luck someone will cancel out and voila - you will be in!
Chin up, girl - you have a lovely boy and many blessings. Focus on them and you will get through all of this. Years from now I hope it will all be a distant memory!
Hugs to you!

Andrea said...

I also feel you on #6. Sorry to hear that things have been rough lately. ((hugs))

Carrie said...

As far as the breast reduction goes, I have a friend who had one and I'm PRETTY sure she had it BEFORE she had her baby and I know she breastfed.

I hope Christopher is doing okay.

Suellen said...

Cathy, I love you.