Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

So, in honor of the "surprise dessert" that Eric made for me last night, that failed miserably, I'm going to list 13 foods I don't like. This may be too gross for some of my expectant friends to read. Normally, I consider myself pretty tolerant and open to trying new things, but even I draw the line.

1. Black Bean Brownies-this was the "low-carb and healthy" dessert that Eric made for me last night, the one that tasted absolutely terrible, I didn't spit it out, but it was pretty naZty. I'll let him try again, perhaps with sugar it will be better. He forgot the splenda.

2. Tongue-I've been kissed by cows, and it really weirds me out to taste something that could have tasted me. Oooo, gives me chills.

3. Liver-Do you know what a liver does for a living? It filters out the crap, not surprising that it then tastes like crap too. Eric has tried for YEARS to convince me that if it's smothered in bacon and onions, it's good. True for most things,

4. Braunschweiger-See Above, even the slightest hint of liver in the liverwurst, and it still tastes like gross to me. You can't hide that livery flavor no matter how much mustard, mayo, or lettuce you hide it in.

5. McDonald's Pickles-I used to work there, and occasionally did the dishes, and the giant multiple pound container of the pickles had such a pungent odor, that even to this day, if I taste or smell a bit of it, I can't eat it. I am content to pick them off my cheeseburger if they don't listen to me and put those pickles on it. Funny, though I love other people's pickles, just not McD's. But you know, if that's the one thing from there I won't eat after working there, I think it's a good sign.

6. Hazlenut-
They make the fuzz on my teeth curl. Even the smallest hint, smothered in chocolate, I can't stand it. I call it an allergy, but it's just such a weird reaction, I mean I can't even drink Frangelico!

7. Octopus sushi-I can honestly say, I've tried it and I don't like it.

8. Squid sushi-Deep fry it and I'm good to go, but raw it reminds me of octopus, and the consistency is 18 kinds of funky.

9. Eggs that have more green things than eggs-Eric loves cooking, and he's like a musician, composing as he goes, throwing in more herbs than eggs. Too busy for me.

10. Cooked canned spinach-see above, Eric once added more spinach than eggs to the eggs, and it did NOT work. Don't even try to give me just canned spinach as a side item. However, I don't mind a decent ratio of it in, say, lasagna, or quiche. But not more than the whatever it's being put into, does that make sense?

11. Fried Rice-Ever notice how fried rice looks the same going down as when coming up?

12. Pepperoni-I can't stand those puddles of fat. They ook me out Dobbing off my pizza? Eww. Sometimes I'll tolerate it when it's chopped up so fine a. I can barely taste it, and b. I can't pick all the pieces out. You won't see me having seconds of it though.

13. Popcorn-I probably get the most razzing for this, like it's un-american to not like popcorn. Dude, I worked in a corn mill! I don't get gaggy, but my life is just ok without it. It used to be so bad when I was pregnant, I had to hold my breath walking through theatre lobbies, and the smell of popcorn cooked in the microwave, if the bag wafted near me or my office made me have to make a mad dash to the bathroom. They had to be on popcorn restriction if I was in the office. Now, I've warmed up to kettle corn. Eric can eat regular next to me. Sometimes I'll have a bite, but not much. It's a rare day if I eat popcorn. Does that make me un-american?


Alicia said...

Just fyi, many things look the same coming up as they do going down. It sometimes makes me wonder if I actually chew at all......

Suellen said...

oops! That last comment was actually from me, but Alicia wasn't logged out and I didn't notice. She does NOT have the experience with puking that I do! :)

amypfan said...

I do disagree with some of these items, as I personally enjoy fried rice, pickles, pepperoni, and popcorn, although not all together of course. :) But I 100% agree that fried rice looks exactly the same coming up as going down. Ewww.

Kathy said...

agree - except the popcorn!!