Saturday, July 7, 2018

Backyard Camping

It only got up to 80 degrees today. 
It's actually a lovely temperature outside. 
So at the last minute, we decided to open up Nana's camper, and 'air it out'. 

By air it out, I mean, we don't turn it on, no air, no water, just people camping in it with pillows and sleeping bags.

Jake and I shared one end. 

Chris and Sam got the other end.  

We weren't planning on opening it up all the way, just enough for some boys to enjoy a reasonable temperatured evening.  Which it really is!  

But we aren't the only ones out enjoying the evening.  

Somewhere to the south of us, people were blasting off fireworks until just now.  
We watched for a while, until we couldn't see anymore.  
Then the kids conked out.  
But Mommy stayed awake, because our neighbors who don't talk to us are having company.  
They were out back yapping, cheering for some sport on tv.  What sport is on at 11pm?  I don't know. 
But it was obnoxious.  The kids managed though.  They are superchamp campers.  
We're going to go actually use the camper in a couple weeks with Nana, and they can't wait! 

We'll just call this a test run. ;)