Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Break List

We crossed off the first item on our Spring Break list tonight. 
We're staying home for Spring Break, and it was a crazy busy weekend.  Part of that is our faults.  And that's ok, but it meant that they didn't really have dibs on much of anything we did until this evening.  So it was time for them to choose from their List.  We had discussed things we wanted to do earlier in the week, so we'll see which ones we cross off.   Tonight, the first was...

The boys wanted to have an "Epic Mario Kart Battle". 

We normally don't allow them to play video games on Sunday night, or on any school night really.  
But on the weekends when they are allowed, they have to stop at dinner time.  It tends to suck them in, and they forget things, and get snappish at bedtime.  That was true tonight too.  Jacob forfeited the rest of his race, when he got mad and threw his controller.  Then he cried because we wouldn't give it back.   But the rest of us had a good time playing.  I still stink.  That's ok, it's not the most important for me to be good at the game, I just get a kick out of the kids saying, "Rainbow Road is my downfall." and Jacob saying stuff like, "I want to do Rainbow Smash!"  What's Rainbow Smash?  It's my downfall.  Who am I kidding?!  They are all my downfall. 
I came in 12th twice, and tied Jacob.  He is convinced that coming in 12th place (out of 12) really means he wins.   Well, I guess we all won a bit when we finished by laughing.