Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Time to blog and scrap and do things that I've been putting off.  

The Boys wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

They can be pretty sweet when they want. 

Yesterday was a Crazy Day!  
The littles had Gymnastics in the morning, and Jacob had a birthday party for a school friend at noon. 

While I took Jacob to meet Moana at a Birthday Party for his school friend.  
While we were there, the big boys went to a Piano Theory class. 

We learned during the afternoon that our friends the Webers were in town for a Dance Competition, in which 2 of their kids participate.  So we basically hunted them down just to be able to see them.  
We tried to catch Jack dancing, but they were too fast for us, so we just hooked up at the hotel.  After some debate we opted to get pizza and bring it back.  So did half the city, the Keystone Sheraton was Crazy! 

We chose to have a floor Pizza Picnic in the hallway with all the ballrooms, because nothing was going on in that hall. 
We brought the crazy.  

Initially, there was shyness between the kids.  It was our kids and their kids kind of separated.  
But then we started telling them what all their favorite things, they all love Hamilton, and Star Wars, and Legos.  Suddenly, they had things to talk about.  

And they are crazy... just like our kids.  
They ran rampant in that hallway for the better part of 2 hours, and they had a great time.  
We got to chat with our friends, and get to know their kids a bit.  
And it was Awesome.  

They even let me take a few photos. 

They had to do a crazy one first. 

Then they posed sweetly for me.  
Remember when there were only one for each of us? 

Then we had to repeat the awesomesauce photos.  
It's very hard to get 6 kids to keep still.  
They are kind of Awesome. 

And here we are.  Chris took this, and 3 others and all are a little blurry, oh well.
We've been friends since before we all started dating.  Joe was Eric's roomie in college.  And when Joe had a bit more hair, it was red, and he was one of Eric's Groomsmen.  It was kind of Perfect timing to see him this weekend, since it's been 20 years since he stood up for us.  It had been almost 4 years since we'd gotten to see them.  It's been a rough year so far for the Weber family, but they have kept their smiles and humor, and they could continue to use Prayer. It just did so much good for us to find them. It reminded me of old times to sit and laugh with them, and worth every bit of the insanity of chasing them down, driving all over town, and being gone all day.  
They made my day.