Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I have an appointment

(Warning - this post contains talk of Boobs - if you have a problem with that, move on.)

I have an Appointment. 


I kept telling myself, that I wouldn't even worry about a Breast Reduction Surgery until I was done nursing my last child.  I had heard too many stories about big breasted women having trouble nursing.  I made that choice back in my twenties when doctors and therapists started hinting at the fact that a significant portion of my back pain may be caused by my top heaviness.

I finished nursing in September.

So in October, I called the Doctor, and asked what I needed to do.  They gave me a list of things, people I had to contact etc.  I filled it all out.  Then in November, they called me asked for my doctor to send paperwork.  I called to act as middle man and find out what was the holdup.  I had hoped to do it over Thanksgiving or Christmas break.   But then Dr. Cooper's office said they had no record of me having back pain.  I lost my mind.  I fell into a deep depression.  It was mostly led by the fear that I'd have to start all kinds of painful testing and therapy, drugs, and awfullness all over again to prove to the insurance company that I needed this surgery.   I asked for a copy of my record.   Apparently it's all online, and they just print it off, there's no original doctors notes.  And sadly, every time I asked Dr. Cooper, or my Therapists to 'write that down' when I was in for drugs or spasms about the boobs, they didn't write it down.  Many trees were killed in this search for no information.
I was so sad.  Eric and I discussed it, and we decided to just wait until this year and start it over from scratch, then hopefully, we can cap out the insurance, before the surgery.  
But then in January, my back and neck started acting up again, and had been going to the Chiro.  He asked me last month, whatever happened with that boob job thing?  (in as delicate a manner as possible) I burst into tears.  

But then today, empowered by the boys good behavior while they played video games and watched TV, I traded in my bath time for a call to the Plastic Surgeon's Insurance gal.  We'd been playing phone tag since January.   She wanted the last 6 mos -1 year records from the Chiro.   She had the referral from our family doc, so that was at least something, even though all the years' worth of trouble were gone.   During our conversation, I burst into tears again, crying, "I know if you just Saw me, met me, you'd agree that I need this!"  

So she decided that after my most recent back pain bout, and my chiropractor's promise to not just write a note, but to send the whole chart, she informed me I could come in for a consultation.  

As it just so happened, in the previous hour, before our talk, she'd had a Cancellation, for an appointment on May 2nd at 4 pm.  Otherwise she was scheduling for July.   SOLD, May 2nd it is!

I have an appointment.  I'm getting my boob job.  The day after my birthday, I get a consultation with the doc who is supposed to be the best in town.  Happy Birthday to me!