Sunday, December 18, 2011

Popping by The Children's Museum

Wednesday was a Riley day for Christopher, and he did great, one of the best therapy appointments in a while, I'll write about that more on his blog, but since we happened to be downtown, and it didn't look like we were going to be able to do so again, I decided to 'Real Quick' pop in to visit Santa.
After all, Santa has a lot to do this time of year, and he might not be in, the next time we visited the museum, IF we got down there again. One of the things I love about the Children's Museum Santa, is that they'll let me take my own pictures, and not pay for theirs, though I could if I wanted to. We did that once, and had a giant Screaming Fusspot Chris to show for it. So I stopped buying, hoping that we'd get lucky.

We got lucky seeing a lot of seasonal Festivity. The boys were so thrilled to see Bumblebee the Transformer all decked out for the season with his own snowballs and snowhat.

We headed directly to the Jolly Days where we had about 15 minutes to wait in line before Santa arrived. There were toys for the boys to look at.

The could even sit and see Santa while they waited.

They were even sweet on the wooden sled, as we were second to next to go. We were all so Excited.

Then it came, our turn, the time for Chris and Sam to go and sit on Santa's lap. And Sam would have None of it. Chris on the other hand, had a great time, asking Santa for socks, a sled, and a ski mask. Easy to please.

Compared to This. Sam flopped down at Santa's feet, and would not have anything to do with him. Hope this irrational fear of characters doesn't last. But at least we didn't spend boatloads of money to get our 'Santa picture' this year.

We were able to redeem the day. I told Christopher that he could only have 10 minutes to play, if he wanted to climb the ice castle, skate, slide, whatever. He wanted to go down the giant slide. Supposed to be an ice slide, that takes over the staircase in the lobby. Chris was very good, so we did it.

Christopher won the race, and was so adorable. Sam won my heart again with his joy of sliding. After all that tantruming, the slide was what won him over.

Merry Christmas, and Thank You Children's Museum for a fresh dose of Christmas Spirit!

**Addendum, I suspect that all Sam's flopping on the floor gave him a case of the stomach flu, as he is taking the day off, after puking all night... the telltale three days later.