Friday, December 16, 2011

Cookie Decorating

It's a sign that my boys are getting old when they enjoy making cookies with me during Christmas time. So I wrote my stepmom to let her know, because she's the best cookie maker I know, and I recall many hours spent helping her decorating cookies during the holidays.

All the Grandkids were having a Wonderful time making cookies!

Annie was the best at giving a little Cheese with her sugar.

Christopher was very focused on the job at hand.

At first we put Charlie to work eating apples. But she wanted to join the festivities too. Note that she's shaking the red sugar just like the big kids... except it still has the lid on. Precious.

Sam did a bit more eating than creating.

They were so adorable. Crazy, but adorable.

After the sugar buzz started to wear off, we decided we needed to eat a real lunch, so Chris and Oma piled into the Opa's Rocket car, to go to Brozzini's, which has the best wings outside of Buffalo. Opa's car has a special seat in the back that youngsters can sit in Without Booster seats. (Gasp!) Chris loves it. He gets so upset

Chris found a new pony, Aunt Lisa, who shows him the ways around a pizza place. Too Fun!

After lunch, we went back to decorate a couple more cookies, and clean up. We tried napping the kids, but they wanted to play instead.

So we forced Sam to nap, while the boys and I went down to Opa's little theatre (aka tv room) and watched Frosty. So Fun. And they were cute.

I'm predicting a start of new traditions, by going to Oma's to 'make cookies'. It was a Blast!