Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tiny Tweety Trooper

I can't believe my Grandma is still kicking.
She's one tough little bird.
They've had her in hospice for 4 days. On Friday they gave her 2-4 days. Period. Once they removed the chest tube and stopped the antibiotics her oxygen levels dropped pretty fast. We thought we were going to lose her Sunday, then Monday. But then the last two days she's kind of leveled off. She was getting a bit twitchy. Dad and MB could tell that when the nurses came in (or other strange voices) she'd get upset, like she was afraid they were going to move her. She's on a steady morphine drip, that they just up when she indicates she's in pain. It's so sad. It hurts her to be moved, even for vital signs, so they've kicked it down to just moving her and doing vitals once a day. Her weight has dropped like 5 pounds just since they moved her (her bed will do weight at the push of a button--so much easier than back in the day when I was a CNA). She wasn't exactly a hulky thing before, and now she really is just a little bird. It's weird to know that she's not there, and yet she still is.

Please pray the H.S. comes to take her quickly, as well as continued strength for my Father. My heart hurts for them.


Kathy said...

Thinking of your family-