Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mommy's New Toy

Good morning! I'm writing to you this morning from my kitchen table. Now having a laptop by with which blog is not anything tremondously new around here. Eric's had one for years, a great beast of a computer, that weighs more than Sam.

Yesterday marked 11 years of marriage for Eric and I. And he got me a wonderful present. A netbook.

It's PINK!

I feel like Elle Woods with her cute little orange mac. I have a pink computer. I love that Eric picked this out for me just because I mentioned in passing, I like the idea of a laptop but that his laptop is such a great honking beast, I don't like it.
So now, I sit, telling Eric that there is a chance for storms today, as I sit in the shadow of my anniversary roses, eating my homemade breakfast. Eggs in windows. Does it get much better?

I am so Blessed!


Kathy said...

happy anniversary!!

what a nice present..a fancy new computer :-)

Unknown said...

Congrats! I'd love to check it out! My dad was considering one, but I told him I just didn't know much about them.

SuperSillyAunt said...

I must say laptops and kids go great together...cause now you can take the computer with you wherever the kids are in the house...I know I love mine!
Happy anniversary!

Carrie said...

Love it!!! Sooo stikin' cute!