Tuesday, December 28, 2021

To read, space must be made on the bookshelf


The kids rooms have been hot messes for a while.  We tried to get them to clean them on their own. No luck.  We tried to threaten them with "No Toys for Christmas!"  But it turns out Mommy has a lot harder time with that one than the kids do.  They didn't get many toys for Christmas, some stuffies from Santa, and Jacob got some Legos.  Now, they didn't come from us, they came from Santa.  So that counts. 

Anyway, at the beginning of Christmas Break, I made a list.  I'm good at making Lists, usually, just not so good at crossing everything on them.  This list filled up a page very quickly.  It was freeing for my mind to write it all down, and within the first week of Break, we crossed off half the things.  But now we're getting to the big items, things no one wants to do.  There's still a bit of fun left, but not much. 

Today we took on Sam's bookshelf.  Books were spread all over his room, and overflowing off shelves all over the floor.  We worked on it today.  Now, while I was pulling books out from under his bed, I found clothes, a lot of clothes.  So we need to wash them, and put them away.  That part only got half done.  But what they really wanted to do today was spend their Gift Money. 

Opa gave them all Barnes and Noble Gift Cards for Christmas.

I think having a No Toys Christmas was hardest on Opa.  

Today, we took the kids all to Barnes and Noble.  

Since they'd all organized their bookshelves they knew exactly what they wanted. 

Jacob was looking for Dog Man Mothering Heights, but didn't find it, 
he found Cat Man and the 1st Dog Man book instead. 

Sam was finishing up a couple of his collections, like Wings of Fire and Divergent. 
He had quite the list after totally revamping his bookshelf.

Eric introduced Chris to the Sci Fi section. <3 
And Chris chose the first few books of the Wheel of Time series. 
I really think he's going to Love it. 

I looked at it, and it was familiar, my father in law lent them to me. 
I said, "Oh yeah, I know that one.  Isn't it the one with the guy and the gal?"
Chris interrupts, "No Spoilers!"  
Eric burst into hysterical, teary eyed laughter.  
The girl and the guy... that could describe any book. What's a spoiler about that?! 
We've long joked that Eric keeps me around for Comic Relief, and our outburst of laughing so hard we couldn't breathe is part of that.  My cheeks were sore I was laughing so hard. 
It's probably not as funny in print, but after a disgusting hard day of cleaning out children's rooms, nooks and crannies, it was awesome to laugh that hard. 

I went hoping I could find the We are Knitters pattern book, and also the complete works of Jane Austen. 

I've got some Great Ideas to get cooking with now for the next year.  
Call it Knitspiration! 
I'm making great progress on my Copper Tap Cardigan, but getting itchy as to what's next. 
On one hand, I want to get more yarn; on the other hand, I want to bust up some of my stash and finish some of my incomplete projects.  I think stashbusting is going to win first!

Meanwhile, Ahsoka really enjoys the throw rug Eric got me for Christmas. This blanket looks just like one I had while I was in College.  Unfortunately, it got eaten by Fina, and didn't survive the move to this house.  She's awfully cute.