Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Christmas Cards

This was my favorite photo of our family that we put on our Christmas card this year.
It seems appropriate for 2020, we're all Done, so we're on the floor.  And we're also all in our Jammies.  It seemed perfect. 

For our actual Christmas Cards this year, I did something different.  I hand painted watercolor cards.  I've been practicing watercolor painting over the Quarantine.  I'm not fantastic, but enough that I could create some basic stuff with my watercolor pens and water brushes.  

For every person to whom we sent cards, I made something special.  I don't know if they loved them, and I repeated a few styles that I enjoyed making.  But Eric told me that I should take photos of them before I sent them.  So I did. I missed a couple, so if you got one you don't see here, please take a pic for me. ;) Anyway... Here you go.  Feel free to tell me if you got one, or which one you like best. 

Christmas star filled with love

Christmas Star - also a cross. 

3 hanging ornaments

Rainbow Tree

Holy Family

Impressionistic Christmas tree with Blue Angel on top. 

Christmas tree - wet first

Christmas tree - wet brush

Holy Family with evening sky. 

Christmas tree with golden angel and gold sparkle

Christmas Star over blue mountains

Christmas star in starry sky

Peace wreath with berries

Watercolor trees

Holy Family with Christmas Star

Tree sillouettes at Sunset

Joy wreath

Christmas star/cross

Choral Christmas Tree

Watercolor trees

Christmas Tree with Gold Angel

Joy to the World with Wreath

Magi Find the Child

Gifts under the Tree

Christmas tree

Christmas star cross

Watercolor trees with a touch of gray

Rainbow tree wet first

Christmas Star with Cross

Christmas tree with two tone swooshes.

Wreath of Peace

Kathy's dogs got paw print balloons for Christmas - 
I had a friend in mind when I painted this.

Ahsoka on a card with trees- my first dog
Little wonky, but Lisa said she wanted it, sight unseen.

Sunset at Lake Michigan 
This one was for Uncle Rick and Trish who joined us in Michigan City this past year.

I know it's a lot of photos, thank you for checking them out.  
I'm quite proud of myself for completing these.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Maybe next year, I'll try again... but start before December. 


Anonymous said...

Dawwww! Obvs, I have bias towards my dog card, but I think my faves are the wreaths. Dunno why, I just like them. I mean, they all turned out great, but the wreaths and the rainbow tree are my faves! - Li