Monday, September 24, 2018

Indian food date

So I had to go to Costco.  Eric went to work for a few meetings, and I worked out with Marta, something I've started this month, and went to Costco.  Though actually, after driving over there and shopping, I pulled in and knew I was hungry.  I texted Eric to see if he had brought a lunch.  He forgets sometimes.
He did have a little time to meet me but not much.  So I finished my Costco run, and offered to meet him at McAlister's in the strip mall next door.  Only as we walked up to the McAlister's, my eyes caught the place next door, called Hyderabad House.   I glanced in and didn't see many people, actually just an Indian couple.  And a buffet. Hmmm... I'm always a fan of visiting the places that those of that ethnicity adore.  So I said, hey, we don't have any kids to say No, want to try this?

So we did, we tried Hyderabad House. And it was Good.

Traditionally, I've avoided Indiana food, because in the past, curries didn't agree with me. For years I avoided anything that was that certain shade of yellow.  But lately, I've tried a few things, including the Butter Chicken E made here at home, or the Chapati Pakistani place over off Lafayette Rd.  And I didn't get ill.  In my experimentations, I've discovered that either my consitution is getting stronger (doubtful) or that I just need to watch which kind of curries I try.  So I decided to test it. 

Eric loves Indian, but it had been a while since I'd braved it.  I was feeling brave, and that buffet of glop looked good from the window.  I tried a little bit of lots of things, they were labeled, but it didn't help me much.  Some I liked, some not so much.

Eric's second helpings. 
He went up and got seconds of all the things I likes.  
Butter Chicken, some sort of bread, lemon rice with pine nuts, and something that was like buffalo wings and fried okra or other veggies. Nice and spicy.  I liked it, just enough for me.   But I didn't get any seconds.  I should have.  But I didn't want to get ill, I was very wary.  And good news.  I didn't.  

Hyderabad House was Great!  If you like to try new things, give it a go.  
I can't tell you everything I ate, but there was certainly enough to fill me up.