Friday, December 15, 2017

It was Good

Yes, we saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi last night.  
It was Good!  
As usual, if you give a Mike and Kathleen a Star Wars movie, we're going to have to go out for drinks afterwards to discuss it.   So we got home kind of late.  I'm Exhausted this morning.  

I'm not giving any Spoilers, but let me just say, bring a tissue.  
My eyes leaked every time Leah spoke.  

It was a little dark when I took my required selfie. 
Remind me not to sit in the first three rows anymore.  My eyes are getting old, and just can't take it. 

I Rey'd my hair!  
The boys loved it.  
And I did my nails with Star Wars Jamberries. 
Perfectly appropriate, I thought.  

Did I mention the movie was good? 
We're already planning on when we're taking the Boys. 
But can I wait that long to see it again.