Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I need a rear view video camera.

I intend to write about all the things that have kept me busy the last couple weeks, but I'm too vexed. Another time...meanwhile...

My next car, by gum, is going to have one of those handy dandy rear view video camera things, or one of those nifty things that beeps when you enter a zone where you're going to hit something, or someone.
The week before Sam arrived I hit someone in the McDonald's parking lot; actually they hit me, well, we sort of backed in to each other, but I was almost straight, and they just plowed right out of the parking space into me, and muffed up my rear tail light and konked my bumper. We took care of it during the week we were home with Sam.
Today, on my way home from Riley (where we got the good news that Chris's weight is up to 26 pounds, 6 ounces from 24, 13 a month ago--Woohoo!) I went boom again. I turned left onto 16th Street, behind a semi that couldn't make up his mind whether to be in the left or right lane. He turned into the right lane, then put on his right signal and moved into the left lane, slowing down. I was in the right and moved into the left at the same time he did. Suddenly, he begins to do a very wide right turn. Apparently, he didn't corner correctly because he starts backing up, towards me, then straightens out, then backs closer, requiring me to back up. I did. Then he tried again, failed, and kept backing....towards me. I keep backing up. But I'm getting close to the guy behind me. I'm kind of crooked, I didn't realize just how crooked until I hear the quietest bonk, and horns are honking. I hit the guy next to me on the passenger rear corner. Luckily, I was only going 1 mph. He honked VERY HARD at me, and Mr. Semi realizes that he cannot back any further into me and pulls forth into the center lane, where he can realign and have more space to back up. (Why didn't he didn't do that first?!) Mr. Lavender car that I tapped continued to lean on the horn, and pedaled to the metal as he flashed me some colorful hand gestures, which were no doubt deserved, and pulled past. I saw no damage on his car. But I burst into tears, and cried, "I wanna go home."
Chris did too.
Moments pass where I apologize to the air in the general direction of the car ahead of me as he speeds further away, apparently I'm not in danger of being busted for a hit and run, since he did the running.
More silence.
Finally I notice that Chris is eating some dry Lucky Charms his therapist gave him, and I ask him, "Is that good cereal?" Changing the subject.
Chris asks me, "Are you all better now?"
"Yes, honey, I'm all better. But I still want to go home."
"Somebody hit Mommy's tar (car)?"
Well, sort of I ponder how smart this little pipsqueak, and how to explain it was mommy that did the hitting.
"Mommy not get a nap?" He knows me so well. Not yet, but I'm going to try. If Sam doesn't let me nap, then I may have to start drinking EARLY.